Squad goalSail to…Let’s solve…Field trip to…Apply where?Trail to hikeMeet where for drinks?Let’s go to…
Weekend plan?
Brunch at…Read which book?Order lunch from…Gift for dadRun where?CatererProm kingSomething unforgettable
Videoconference when?Song to learnMovie marathonWhich beach?What’s for dinner?Which play?What day?Hire who?
Meet when?
Camp where?Next blog post titleGo dancing where?Cave to exploreSelf-careCatchphraseKids activityWhere to take our dogs
Let’s chip in to buy…Our mottoPlaydate when?Exhibition titleStartup ideaDay trip to…Attend which concert?How to help
Where shall we eat?
Study where?Tailgate at…Class presidentBike ride to/from…Dessert tonightGuest speaker to inviteCafeDinner party when?
Catch up when?Draw what?Which client?Picnic spotLet's resolve to…Pet nameWhich park?HeadlineGroup date at…
See what movie?
Which showing?Next podcastWhich supplier?Donate proceeds to…Skate at…Which videogame?Band nameHow we'll raise funds
Learn some history at…Our paper topicReunion time & placePizza toppingsWho we’ll partner withVacation spotConference location
Project topic
Play what?Endorse who?Hotel/rentalHoliday menuSermon about…Which theater?BubbleteaGet there how?Let’s get lost in…
Enjoy sunshine at…Pregame at…Which museum?Plan BTravel destinationEvening plan?Team colorNomineeSwimming spot
Our next adventure
Our delegateScience projectTaglineRestaurantCraft ideaSymposium topicTrip together when?Birthday planTake which elective?
Which haunted house?Ski where/when?Escape the heat how?Race to enterSee sunrise from…Invest in…Which design?Theme
What should we do?
Rally at…What club?Which city?Where to buildNYE where?Conquer our fear of…Pick-up game at…Which gym?Shop where?
Rave locationBoardgameWhat’s missing?What’s our next step?Let's buy a keg of…Which country?Chapter and verseService to go with
Where will we stay?
Where to fishHow to fix itFund who?Team namePlant what?Visit which planet?Reception at…Preferred office hoursQuiet place
New friend hangout at…Climb which mountain?Reboot democracy how?Mother's day planWhose turn next?Our next productWhich home game?
Volunteer where?
Which contractor?Party where & when?Which bar?Bachlorette party planLet's investigate…Listening party albumYoga where?Art project

Choose your adventures together

Choose your adventures together

Quickly turn friends’ ideas and interests into a clear plan. Simply suggest options and tap one past the finish line.

What should we do?
What should we do?
Only one may win.
See a movie
This is just a demo! Sign up for free and invite friends to make a group decision.

inclusive & decisive

The finish line makes your group decisions clear-cut. Together you control how many votes it takes to win.

& decisive

The finish line makes your group decisions clear-cut.
Together you control how many votes it takes to win.

What makes group decisions hard?
Coordinating friends’ preferences
Too few participate in the process
Too much back and forth messaging
Sujjest makes it easy!
No need for a coordinator
Low participation barriers
No reliance on messaging

Works on all devices

Phone, tablet, and computer. Friends you invite can participate right away—no account needed!

“Where for lunch?”

Sujjest Lunch

Share a link, take a vote, enjoy lunch!

Go to and grab a lunch link. Friends or colleagues who follow your link can suggest lunch spots and tap the options they like toward the finish line. Participants don’t need accounts and it’s free.

Sujjest Lunch