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Sujjest Lunch

Take a vote, decide where to eat.
It’s easy!

Step 1
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Step 2
Suggest some options and get one past the finish line.
Step 3
Enjoy lunch together!
Sujjest Lunch

Why choose lunch with Sujjest?

“Where for lunch?” is a routine choice that many of us make every weekday and Sujjest Lunch is designed to make it as easy as possible to choose a restaurant that fits your group preferences.

You can drop a link from Sujjest Lunch in an email, post on a Slack channel, send a group text, message on WhatsApp—whatever platform you’re already communicating on, it’s simple to invite people to join the group decision.

Sujjest Lunch is a special version of our group decision-making and get-together planning app, Sujjest. If you’d like to make more team decisions with Sujjest, it’s available for free as a web app, for iOS on the App Store, and for Android on Google Play!